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Radio Interview.

I have been interviewed by BBC Radio Wales about my time working in Silicon Valley in California.

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Remote technical support is now available from AJR Computing;

Got a problem? Simply give me a ring on 01558 650472 and as long as you still have an Internet connection I can fix most problems for you without you leaving the comfort of that cozy chair in front of the computer!

If I can fix it within 10 minutes it will be absolutely FREE!



Based in Ffarmers, West Wales, and trading as AJR Computing I provide a full range of IT services to home users, small businesses and local organisations.

Pro Bono. I'm guessing that there are a lot of people out there with an idea for a computer program (app) that the world can't do without, or want to advertise and share an idea via a website but don't have the technical resources to do so. Well, I'm always on the look out for projects worthwhile enough for me to take on for free, so if you are one of those people I'd love to hear from you!

Call now on 01558 650472 or send an email to info@ajrcomputing.com.


Andrew Roberts

AJR Computing
SA19 8NZ

Here are a few free downloads for you and some of my suppliers I'd recommend.

Holiday Cottages Wales - Andrew's blog


"WOW...from start to finish! After 2 identical project posts, 12 bids, and 1 hire, Andrew was the only person who has given specifics w/ Google Spreadsheet experience. Too many people claimed to have experience but when I gave them the opportunity to back it up, they couldn’t. However, Andrew could & did. From the start, I could tell that Andrew had the skill set needed to complete the job. He gave me clear & refined answers, was very accurate on the time needed to complete the job, and gave me access to a live demo that had similar features During the project, he followed through on all the small promises he made, was quick to make small tweaks, and executed exactly what we required to complete the project before the deadline he gave me. After the project, he billed me very fairly on an open-end quote and explained what he did so I can make small changes to this spreadsheet in the future. He has also agreed to be available for any future needs which is nice b/c it streamlines the turn times on new features we want to implement. Overall, Andrew was a pleasure to work with. Award your project to Andrew with confidence and know that he's a trustworthy individual who follows through on his commitments. OUTSTANDING JOB, ANDREW...THANK YOU! - Brandon Polka


"I have always found Andrew very conscientious and his sevices, good value for money. I particularly like the way he writes down every step he takes when trying to solve a problem then if he has to backtrack he doesn't have to rely on guesswork. " - Patrick Campion, The Monthly Advertiser


"Andrew has coped with the vagaries of my computer for all of it's life and remained calm and efficient. Here is a guy who is enthusiastic about his job and unbelievably knowledgeable!" - Annie May, The May Organic Farm


"Very happy with various work done for me. very knowledgeable, best of all he answers any phone calls, and will help with computer problems over the phone if possible. " - Ann Butler


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