PC Health Check

This is a PC Health check I perform quite regularly - giving the computer a thorough clean inside and out to get it running as fast as the day you bought it! Feel free to print off a copy for yourself, and drop me a line if you'd like any help with any of the steps.

PC Valet

Check connections and restart PC

Create full system restore point, check device manager and backup

Optical drives (CDROM, DVD)

Floppy drive now shutdown PC and unplug




Inside base unit

Reconnect and restart PC

Hardware Check

Monitor (video card) power on, set resolution (15 - 800*600, 17+ - 1024*768)

Keyboard (PS2 port) keys

Mouse (PS2 port) buttons

Scanner scan

Printer print test page, check default

Digital Camera download photos

Speakers (audio card line out) sound

External Drives read/write

CD-ROM read CD, play audio CD

CD-RW Write to CD, re-read in CDROM

DVD-ROM - read DVD, play audio DVD

DVD-RW - Write to DVD, re-read in DVD

Floppy Drive read/write

LAN Connection

Modem connect (if used)

PC Card slots power

Serial port (if used)

Parallel port (if used)

Firewire port

USB port(s)

Reboot network hubs

Check RAM appropriate for OS 256MB for XP

Check disk space on hard drives

Check UPS

Store System Info

Device Manager OK

Windows and Applications

Run disk cleanup

Run Scandisk

Defrag Drives

Confirm that backups are being done

Check password on Administrator account

Change passwords (force password changes)?

Ensure consistent use of user accounts

Apply appropriate service packs to windows

Check for updates of Windows

Check Windows updates enabled

Update drivers as needed - printers, modems, sound cards, video cards

Check for and create boot disk for win98 machines, else check XP CD available

Check office suite installed

Check for service packs for office suite

Check internet access

Check emails send and receive OK

Upgrade IE to v6 if greater than 256MB RAM

Post transfer: check Favs, addr book, desktop present

Check system restore enabled

Check hidden files hidden

Check remote access enabled (XP Pro only

Internet Protection

Check AV subscription

Upgrade AV software if greater than two years old

Check virus definitions less than week old

Check real-time scanning enabled

Check full virus scan within last week and scheduled

Check spy ware definitions less than a week old

Check full scan scheduled and run within last week

Check anti-spam enabled and filtering OK

Check firewall installed and on if needed

Check security turned on on wireless networks and disable SSID broadcast


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